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Benefits of having a video on your website

Did you know that having a video on your website may increase your online sales by up to 230%?

Did you know that people are up to 64% more likely to make a purchase from your business after watching your video?

Did you know that having a video on your website can help you to appear on Google searches?

Did you know that a video immediately adds credibility and builds trust?


Most static websites with text, photos and lots of information just don't work any more. The reason is that your potential customers need information about your business quickly. They don't have time to read lots and lots of text. We get distracted easily now days. A video is very captivating in fact how many silly videos have YOU watched on Youtube? Heaps. People like to watch.

People get bored very quickly and all it takes is a click of their mouse and they are looking at your competitor's website.

The Solution

With a short video about your business, who you are, what goods and services your business provides, you can engage their interest immediately.

  • We can create excellent Value Packages for any Business that require their prospective clients or customers to take action.
  • eg send an email for a booking, call your number etc
  • Other videos featuring client testimonials are a very powerful message to enhance your business credibility.
  • We are working with businesses now to create videos for quality television commercials, promotional videos, seminar videos and product demonstration videos.

Our Work

Over the years John has noticed a huge change in advertising with most businesses today having a website. Most websites are usually filled with lots of text but you will find that if it had a video clip, prospective clients would click on it as a picture is worth a thousand words.

Adelaide Video Productions is set up to facilitate this option at a very competitive price.

If you are thinking in the video area then you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

We produce engaging video content for television commercials, corporate films & TV programs

  • One Lonely Barrel
    Video Newsletter
    An online video newsletter produced for ONE LONELY BARREL wine club members.
  • European Wasp
    The Local Government Association engaged Adelaide Video Productions to produce this video to inform rate payers of the presence of the Eu...
  • The Lodge Health & Wellness Ce...
    This video was produced to promote good health and wellness for residents in the Adelaide Northern Suburbs.
  • Look of the Year Quest
    A television commercial produced for South Australian The Look of the Year Quest.
  • Bin There Done That
    This humorous video promotes a product to make light work for people living in rural properties in South Australia.
  • Crush 2011 - Hahndorf Hill Winery
    This video was made to promote the wine crush in the Adelaide Hills. The manager wrote his script to make it a humorous event.

About Us

John Yacoumis has owned and operated his own video production company for the last 30 years and has been all over Australia making corporate videos and TV commercials.

John has produced work for several American Multi-level marketing companies and produced videos for the largest supplier of plastic wine cask and water bags in the world (USA company) as well as local government jobs. Most work has been for small to medium sized businesses which don't have the huge budgets but still would like a very professional video that reflects the quality of their service or business.

Video Productions Services

  • Corporate Video Productions
  • TV Commercials
  • Seminars
  • Internet Video Production
  • Services

CD/DVD Production

  • CD Duplication & CD Replication
  • DVD Duplication & DVD Replication
  • Blu-ray (BD) Replication
  • CD/DVD Mailers
  • CD Printing & DVD Printing

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Quality, Competitive Pricing, Fast Turnaround
  • 100% Australian Owned & Operated
  • Friendly and Experienced Staff
  • Orders and delivery to/from absolutely anywhere in Australia

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